Awkward adventure of meeting new people.

When meeting new people, there is an endless variety of scenarios, feelings, thoughts and first impressions. In some ways I feel the need to avoid all of these things. I fear the unknown, the unknown of meeting the stranger in front of me. I'm not talking about potential serial killers, con artists or complete psychopaths. I just fear the unexpected, you know? like feeling around in the dark.

I suffer from abrupt compulsive shyness. 

Did I make that disorder up? Yes, it really isn't that serious (lol), however, I sometimes hide in my shell when having to be introduced.

After meeting a person, I think to myself:
"Can I trust you?"
"Are you judging me right now?"
"Are you a mean person?" 
"Do you even like me?"
"Could I do you a favor without having negative results?"
All of these questions run through my head, I get nervous enough, I shut down.  Maybe this is where anti-socialism is derived from. People get so unsure with other people that they just want to avoid feeling awkward all together so they just keep away.  


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