I HATE BOHO fashion: the most popular trend locally that gives me nausea


I couldn't help but notice that since 2010, the bohemian gypsy look has made it's return to shop windows year after year after year.

according to refinery 29, "Boho is one of those looks that you either get, or you really, really don't. Most people never dip a toe into crocheted dresses or fringed floral kimonos, and if you do, you're probably living that life 24/7.''
I feel as if mainstream boho fashion (also known as festival) has taken over like an invasive weed, completely destroying fashion one person at a time. The look can be very western, gypsy, angelic, but grungy..... too many genres in one can create a mess!

Thank god boho trend comes around only in the summer and spring, right? WRONG. somehow the fashion market has figured a way to produce the bohemian look so that it's compatible with cold seasons so we can all look homeless but keep warm! 

Don't get me wrong, when done right the boho look can be more stylish and less garbage. I just hope this madness slowly dies down as another wave of trends take over.


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