Taken advantage Of as a Small Business Owner


It's been a while now with my fashion business still in the brainstorming process.  I still keep posts on social media to advertise my projecst and I've been getting a lot of feedback.  Instagram has been my main tool for advertising though it has it's knack to attract ''leeches''.

leeches are the the people who approach you noticing your talent and skill then take advantage of your kindness and popularity status in attempt to rip you off while benefiting themselves.  Leeches are commonly never ready to pay upfront a fair price and often cancel business plans without notice or once they notice you are not a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sloppy business.

It's not always easy to identify those who are just here to distract, waste, and pick your brain.  Other times these millenial moochers give themselves major red flags. Here is a list of top phrases and actions commonly used by these aggy creatures ....

  1.  ''Can you make me....'' ( when they know your skill level is exceptional to the point where questioning your skill would be foolish but ask you anyway just so you feel obigated to prove yourself)
  2. "I want this".... ( then BUY it, no need to make an announcement when the links to how to buy are posted all over the page)
  3. ''Let's talk business''...*begins volunteering you in a clothing line in which you do ALL the sewing and make all of the plans
  4. "I want to wear this for (some event) ..." (ok, you know where to buy it, and even if i did do rentals, you still wouldn't want to take part in any payment. go away.)

It's okay for these people to admire but time wasted is money wasted especially running a one person business. Be very forward yet professional with the person. just think, If this person can spend money at mediocre places for cheap fashion at the mall, then they can spend that same amount of money for something better at your small business. There should be no excuse.


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