Rare but beutiful Fashion: the sequin maxi skirt

Would You Pay $4,679 For A Balmain Skirt? It IS On Sale...

"Take this shimmering gold maxi: at $4,679, it's less than a quarter of the original cost (which was a whopping $23,395), but still a huge investment. Even the least pricey items (which are tank tops and scarves) will set you back a couple hundred—way more than comparable buys from other brands. What do you guys think? Would you spend several grand on a designer sale piece, even if it was still incredibly expensive?" -source: http://www.luckymag.com/

 Would I spend this much on a Balmain skirt? NOPE. I won't spend thousands, however, I will spend around $30 for the materials to MAKE a version of this skirt. One simply does not have the money to burn for this elegant piece.

Diy Sequin Maxi Skirt via http://apairandasparediy.com
I searched the internet through various tutorials and came across this site A http://apairandasparediy.com (This is an awesome Tutorial Site and I'll probably mention them a million times In this Blog alone). While reading this Sequin Maxi tutorial , I noticed the steps were incredibly easy to follow and the cost of supplies weren't half bad either.
This is what you'll need:

Sequin fabric measuring 1.5 x your waist in length (and 62in in width). 
It’s best to pick a sequin in a matte colour like bronze or copper for a subtle and less brassy style.
- Velvet ribbon
- Snap buttons
- Instant bond sewing tape (like this)
- Needle and thread
I actually ordered my fabric from Stylish Fabric , The price of fabric here was around half as cheap as the link featured in the tutorial. After a few hours of work and tweaking, I came up with my

                            sequin maxi dress!:

Please excuse the poor quality bathroom shot.
I should be posting more pics of this look soon! stay tuned!


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