Don't wait until the New Year

You've always said you wanted to improve yourself, why not do it NOW?  Don't let the reason of your blossoming come from just the mear thought of a commercialized holliday.
 I know myself best and what I know is "ehhhh, I missed it this year i'll just do it next year". I said that last year, the year before that, and still no urgency to get my act together. Sounds familiar? Probably because this sounds like you, year after year. 
Well, don't fret, a lot of people don't have the patience or time as they think they do in the beginning. That's okay too, when we set goals we feel obligated to break that goal in like a day or two. PACE YOURSELF!

Instead of trying to teaching yourself a new language in just one week, practice small sections of it every month. 

This is also a reminder to myself to stay positive and complete my goals. This season I hope to accomplish the following :

1.) Eat better 
2.) Open up an online store with ASOS (surprise !!!) 
3.) become more social with friends (I always tend to just disappear in a sea of bussyness and stress)
4. Express myself more whether via Blog post, verbally or through clothing
5.) Dress goal appropriate (because half the time I don't give a shit. But now others are starting to think I don't know what I'm doing, which is halfway true but I don't need anyone to know that 😊😊😊)

We always talk about where we'd like to be. Can make it happen sooner by takining initiative in life.


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