How to make money on ASOS

ASOS, the online fashion store where we say ''I'm just going to look around'' before we go crazy and load the shopping cart with $170 worth of things you can't breathe without.  With ASOS, not only is it possible to  make fashion-forward purchases from a large selection of high fashion pieces, There's also an option to sell through ASOS as well.....ASOS marketplace!

As a Hobby fashion designer I often pack up my creations to store in a closet. Why not sell them? Well, I've tried at places like Etsy, Storeny, and Poshmark.  Most of these eCommerce sites dedicated to assist users with selling fashion/art/other related products were too competitive or just not provide the right audience for me. I want people who understand my fashions, share it and buy it! I feel like ASOS will help boost that. ASOS Sales for the financial year ending the 31st of  August 2013 were £753.8 million leading ahead of both Etsy and storenvy by alot.

I will take my business else-wear and continue my online store's journey elsewhere.

First thing's first, Sign up to make an account then Apply for a Boutique. I noticed that on ASOS marketplace you must first apply for the actual online boutique in order to get started. This is a good sign to me because it helps control overcrowding and vacant boutiques. Trust me, it's annoying to get lost in a long list of over thousands of stores that have only a few items in stock and that haven't been updated in months/years.

The rules and procedures of creating an ASOSmarketplace shop include these things:

  • $20 per month and, when you make a sale, you'll pay 20% commission
  • You can list as many items as you like for free but you must stock a minimum of 15 different styles at all times
  • Your product images must be up to standard before you open your boutique. 
  • You’ll need a Marketplace account to apply for a boutique.
A little more expensive than Etsy and the gang BUT if you're tired of trying to push your work onto the wrong demography of people who are uninterested(ie. the 15 year old high school girl who won't wear anything her friends won't wear, which is basically the same few brand name pieces in different shades) and if you're dedicated then go for it.

ASOS also provides a help section for your shop on their seller blog. There you will find many helpful tips and tutorials that help you grow as a business owner, stand out from competition (including the ASOS main shop) and suggestions. 

In steps, here is you'll(I'll) have to do to get up to par:

1. Do some research
Check out some of the articles about building a successful shop on the  seller blog. Look through some other fashion sites to see what's popular. Finding out what's too popular can help you figure out what not to sell or what to bring to the table as far as originality.

2. Get a camera 
If you Don't have a good camera or at least the latest phone that takes great pictures, you may want to save up for a camera (you'll need it to capture your products in their best light to attract the attention of potential customers)    

3. Perfect your creations 
Nobody wants to purchase clothing with loose strings ( if the look of the garment isn't distressed purposefully, clean it up) and hem what needs to be hemmed.

4. Find someone who will model your looks

ASOS asks that you provide 3 types of pictures for each product ( shot on model, shot in natural daylight, and do not shoot in a studio set up). follow the strict ASOSmarketplace photography guide

5. Get the sewin' !!
It's important to keep a minimum of 15 items in stock at all times (and it's in the rules) .


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